**Explore Pantelleria and Become a Pantesco!**

Welcome to the "Explorers" program of Pantelleria Experience, an engaging adventure that will lead you to discover the wonders and millennial history of the island of Pantelleria. To reach the "Become a Pantesco" level, you will immerse yourself in the centuries of dominion and culture that have shaped this fascinating land.
For millennia, Pantelleria has been a crossroads of peoples and cultures, each leaving its indelible mark on the island. Through the "Explorers" program, you will have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of these ancient civilizations, advancing through the levels and discovering the secrets of those who have dominated the island over the centuries.
Start your journey as a "Sesiota," the first level that immerses you in the ancient culture of the Bronze Age, offering a privileged view of Pantelleria's origins. From here, advance through "Phoenician," "Roman," "Byzantine," "Arab," "Norman," and many other levels, discovering the traditions, customs, and habits of each culture that has left its mark on Pantelleria.
Each level conquered will bring you closer to the prestigious title of "Pantesco," the highest degree of knowledge and belonging to the island. Along the way, you will be rewarded with exclusive prizes, such as authentic souvenirs, delicious local products, special discounts, and much more, offered by our partners.
Join the "Explorers" program and leave your indelible mark in the millennial history of Pantelleria! With the all-time leaderboard, every step and checkpoint you reach will contribute to creating an eternal bond with this fascinating island. Your journey begins now: join us and leave your mark in Pantelleria's epic millennial story!

These regulations govern the operation of the "Explorers" program within the Pantelleria Experience application, owned by Viandoo S.r.l. – VAT 02880960816, located at Via Messina No. 31, Pantelleria (TP). The "Explorers" program is designed to encourage the exploration of the island of Pantelleria through gamification, offering users the chance to accumulate points, unlock levels, and obtain rewards. The use of the application and participation in the "Explorers" program are subject to the following terms and conditions. By accessing and using the application, the user agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions and participates in the "Explorers" program of their own free will. The use of the application does not in any way obligate the user to participate in the "Explorers" program.

1. **Acceptance of Terms and Conditions**
1.1 By accessing and using the Pantelleria Experience application, the user acknowledges that they have read, understood, and accepted the terms and conditions of use of the application, including those related to the "Explorers" program.
1.2 The user confirms their voluntary participation in the "Explorers" program and agrees to be bound by all the provisions and rules contained herein.

2. **User Obligations**
2.1 The user agrees to use the application and participate in the "Explorers" program in accordance with the provisions of these regulations and in compliance with applicable laws.
2.2 The user agrees not to perform any actions that may compromise the integrity or proper functioning of the application or the "Explorers" program, including but not limited to attempts at fraud, hacking, or violations of others' privacy.

3. **Modifications and Updates**
3.1 Viandoo S.r.l reserves the right to modify or update these regulations, as well as the rules and operating methods of the "Explorers" program, at any time and at its discretion.
3.2 Changes to the regulations will take effect immediately after their publication on the Pantelleria Experience application. Continued use of the application after such changes will constitute acceptance of them.

4. **Disclaimer of Liability**
4.1 Viandoo S.r.l will not be liable for any damages to persons or property resulting from the use of the Pantelleria Experience application or participation in the "Explorers" program. Users participate in the program voluntarily and at their own risk.

5. **Operation**
5.1 The "Explorers" program is an initiative within the Pantelleria Experience application, designed to encourage and reward the exploration of the island of Pantelleria. Registered app users gain access to the program and have the chance to accumulate points, called Sese Points, by completing various activities and reaching designated checkpoints around the island. Each checkpoint has a difficulty level, and by unlocking them, users can advance through different levels, earning rewards and privileges based on the level reached. Rewards can include souvenirs, local products, discounts, and other exclusive offers provided by the company's partners.
5.2 **Starting Points:** Each new registered user will immediately receive 100 Sese Points and unlock level 1 - "You are a Sesiota."
5.3 **Checkpoints and Point Accumulation:** Throughout the island, there will be designated checkpoints indicated in the "Checkpoints" section of the app.
5.4 **Unlocking Checkpoints:** To unlock a checkpoint, the visitor must reach the designated location and find a sign with a recognizable QR code and initiative details. Scanning the QR code with their smartphone through the app will unlock the checkpoint, and the user will earn Sese Points based on the difficulty level of the checkpoint unlocked. Each checkpoint can be unlocked only once per the current year. The points assigned to each checkpoint can be viewed in the "Checkpoints" section.
5.5 **Difficulty Levels:** Each checkpoint will have a difficulty level, classified as easy, medium, or hard. The higher the difficulty, the more Sese Points can be accumulated.
5.6 **Leaderboard:** Users will accumulate points contributing to the current year's leaderboard and the all-time leaderboard. The annual leaderboard will reset at the end of each calendar year, on December 31, while the all-time leaderboard will remain unchanged over time. The top 3 ranked users each year will receive exclusive rewards offered by our partners.
5.7 **Levels:** Users can progress through 10 distinct levels, from "Sesiota" to "Pantesco," each representing an iconic era of Pantelleria, from the ancient Bronze Age culture to the fascinating mix of Mediterranean civilizations. Advancing through these levels, unlocking checkpoints, and accumulating points will immerse explorers in the island's millennial history, making them feel part of the epochs that have left their mark on Pantelleria.
5.8 **Level Advancement:** Each time a user unlocks a level, they can convert the accumulated points into predetermined rewards, indicated in the "How to Spend Sese Points" section of the app.
5.9 **Types of Rewards:** Rewards can include souvenirs offered by the company's partners, such as local products, handicrafts, artwork, personalized gadgets, discount coupons, or Sese Coins/Sese tokens*.
5.10 **Reward Collection:** Rewards can be collected for free if the reached level allows it; otherwise, a small additional sum in euros will be required. Rewards can be collected at the Pantelleria Experience Tourist Hub located at Via Lungomare Falcone Borsellino, adjacent to the Barbacane Castle.

6. **General Provisions**
6.1 **Reward Validity:** Rewards are valid while supplies last.
6.2 **Level Updates:** Levels and rewards can be updated at any time at the discretion of Viandoo S.r.l.

7. **Competent Court**
7.1 For any disputes arising from the application or interpretation of these regulations, the parties agree to submit the dispute to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Marsala.